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02 July, 2011


Let the countdown begin!

The auction of Liz Taylor's jewels begins 13 December 2011 in New York at Christie’s Rock­e­feller Cen­ter.  Prior to the sale, there will be what Christie's describes as a “ten-day museum-quality exhi­bi­tion of her jew­elry, fash­ion, acces­sories, dec­o­ra­tive arts and mem­o­ra­bilia.” The first evening of the sale will begin on the 13th and con­tinue on the 14th. 
VC&A white and yellow diamond and chrysophrase daisy necklace
While most of us cannot go to Christie's for either the exhibition or the auction (although the exhibition is traveling, and may visit your city), the Christie's catalogue for that auction will be a keeper.  I can't wait to see her treasures!
Diamonds- all hers!
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