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11 July, 2011


Another brush with surrealism...This is Sale 6990, Lot 52, from the 20 July 2011 auction to be held at by Christie's in London, South Kensington.
A diamond ring and a pencil

Lot Description
A diamond ring and a pencil
Of odeonesque form, with central concealed-set princess-cut diamond domed section within pavé diamond border, accompanied by a pencil finger size N
Saleroom Notice
Please note that this lot is accompanied by a pencil.
What in the world...?  Was this some bizarre requirement in a will?  An irritated intern's prank?  Does Christie's pass messages for clandestine organizations?  And why is there no information about the pencil?  Is it a #2 Ticonderoga or does it have My Little Ponies on it?  I'd feel cheated if it was a nub with no eraser or was chewed to bits.  
Seriously, if there is an explanation for this buffoonery, please come on line and let me know what gives!

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Anonymous said...

Jay Leno would have something humorous to say about very odd... Mona