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31 August, 2011

James Barker

Whitney Abrams makes me drool- the finest metals, the finest stones, and talented artists creating beautiful objects that encapsulate intent, history, and fantasy.  The pearl disk earrings in the bottom left corner take my breath away.  A queen in a fairy tale should wear them.

All of these were made by James Barker and are being sold by Whitney Abrams.  Mr. Barker, B.1941-D.2005, was a sculptor, craftsman, and artist who used ancient techniques to make his jewels.  For more information about pieces by James Barker please contact Whitney Abrams at 312-337-6687 or

No surprise- those lovely earrings are sold.  Not sure about the gorgeous fire opals that are straight from a Jules Verne novel (no pun intended).

BTW- thank you, Ms. Abrams, for crafting your beautiful items in yellow gold.  Nothing else looks so rich.





The_Unemployed_Stylist said...

These are stunning!!

oxinsocks said...

I agree- jewelry lust to the max!