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16 August, 2011

Work It!

Her Serene Highness Charlene of Monaco, formerly a world-class athletic swimmer, wore this tiara when she got married this summer.  Van Cleef and Arples made it for her; The Ocean Tiara reflects her accomplishments as a swimmer (which is fabulousness in itself and the most feminist action a prince has made in a long time...).

Her wedding present from what's-his-name, the prince, was a matching necklace.

No doubt, as she opened it she said, "Wow!"  But what she thought was, "What do I wear with this?"  (Honestly honey, nothing.  Go naked- no one would notice because they'd be blinded by the bling.)

She recently wore the necklace (and clothes), looking stunning at some ball or another.  Here she is, what's-his-name, He-Who-Provides-Diamonds, with showing how wearable this necklace is.   

So, if you have something you haven't considered wearing in a while because you think it's over the top, it probably is- but don't let that hold you back! 

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