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29 August, 2011

New From Element, Not New to Fashion

Element Jewelry ( has some gorgeous new wooden bangles that I want to show you- they are sleek rosewood and silver.  Classy, eternal, and current all at once- gorgeous.  But I can't get the photos to work properly, so no photos of new, contemporary "arm candy" that no one should be without.      

And you should get your arm candy while the "arm party" is on-trend.

I am in awe.  It's so Victorian!  Seriously- Victorians stacked bracelets of every material on both wrists, especially if they had sentimental meaning.  Pairs of Victorian bracelets are hard to find now, but recently there have been some wonderful ones for sale.  Any of these would be invited to my arm party too.
Berlin iron bracelets from  The stories these beauties could tell!

Guta percha and gold, also available from www.1stdibs- mourning wear.

Not Victorian, these Georgian pinchbeck bracelets have Hera and Zeus in profile.  From Three Graces at  
 Also check out for "The Best Dressed Wrists In New York."  Lots of fun stuff there, and every collection was stacked with memories and self definition from blessings from monks to mop strings to mothers.  Fabulous.  

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