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08 August, 2011

Nodeform- "No Ordinary Design Element"

Nodeform is the Etsy shop where architect Konstanze sells the rings she designs and makes, preferring jewelry's smaller scale to architecture.  Her bio on the site says,  "Rings are the perfect wearable mini sculpture, an expression of style right on your hand. A ring can symbolize and represent a variety of social and emotional states of being.  It can be pure adornment or fun and express personal style." 

Rough diamond ring in 18kt gold- love its sculptural band

Tumbled citrine and silver frog ring- the irregular coloring in the citrine pebble decreases the value of the stone but adds to the overall effect of the piece by the stone changing color from different vantage points.   

Nesthackchen ring- silver and gold keum-boo ring with freshwater pearls.  It looks like a Muppet! I love it!
All of these and more can be found at

And for those who want a Muppet fix, with nothing to do with jewelry, check out the Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody:

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