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22 August, 2011

Princess for a Day

A tiara is a circlet worn around the front of the head for a very formal or court occasion.  When they were worn more regularly, they were usually worn by married women.  This weekend, a woman drove by me wearing a tiara, and I thought, "Way to go!"  You should be able to wear a tiara some days to release your inner princess or beauty contestant or Pirate Queen or Queen of Funk or whoever you are.  A collection would be best.  What would your tiara look like? 

Belle Epoch diamonds today?  

Early 1900s silver, chrysophrase, enamel, and rock crystal Hermes wings?

Victorian coral?

Edwardian peacock feathers, diamonds, and gold?
Victorian silver?

Does anyone out there have a real tiara tucked away in the closet? 

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