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20 December, 2011

Christmas Roses

Today's offering is an oldy but a goody- the Van Cleef and Arpel's Rose et Noel design.  It's a beautiful jewel for the season.  In the story of the Christmas Rose, a little shepherdess cries because she has nothing to bring to the newborn Christ, not even a lamb or a drumbeat.  A pitying angel transforms her tears into white roses that she joyfully and reverently presents to the baby Jesus.  The Christmas Rose is traditionally planted by the door to welcome Jesus into the home.   
Speaking of God-stuff, Christmas is like getting married or having a baby.  It's never a good time; they never match our expectations but come together and are miraculous anyway; wedding days and birthing days really are only important because they begin grand adventures.  So I light our Advent candles at dinner and join the real season- the season of joyful waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Mona