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11 December, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Liz Taylor specified that she wanted her jewels broken up so that others could enjoy them.  I assumed that she meant her famous jewels and was saddened that the Mike Todd ruby set and her eye popping emeralds will be split up and sold separately.  But now, having wandered through Christie's first ever, exclusively on-line ONLY auction, I understand.  Her collection is freakin' huge.  It's breadth and depth span time, jewelry houses, styles, continents, and cultures, making it mind boggling in its complexity.  Hundreds of people are needed to really appreciate her collection's contents.

The email address is  Get yourself a cup of coffee, tell the family to leave you a little space, and wander through the collection of the one of the greatest collectors the world has ever seen.  So far, the prices are reasonable, but that may change as time gets closer to closing.  Bidding begins to close on the 15th and finishes on the 17th. 
The auction encompasses clothing, accessories, shoes, costume jewelry, art, and glassware.  Riddle me this, Batman.  How can a piece of costume jewelry, no matter who made it or how big and flashy, be called "Important?"  I know what that means in the jewelry trade, but not so much for gilt and glass. 
More tomorrow about what I saw at the exhibit in NYC...but for now, a piece from the on-line auction,  a Ghandi ring, signed Fennel.

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