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16 December, 2011

It's not a secret here that what I really want for Christmas is kittens.  (This is a jewelry blog- auctions, bathrooms, and kittens [oh my!] notwithstanding.  Work with me here...)  I'm getting lovely bling, but kittens would be the best.  I'm not expectant; I'm not even looking.

Those of us whose spouses developed allergies after marriage must console ourselves with Bittersweet NY's kitty ring, sold by
Unlike a lot of cat jewelry, this ring does not attempt a realistic cat- something that usually fails.  Even Da Vinci's cats were not quite right.  

These tiny rings come in pink and yellow gold and are ideal for when the kitty craving hits before you can find a friend's cat willing to be snuggled or to condescend to purr. 

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