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13 December, 2011

Irene Neuwirth

Ms. Neuwirth makes her jewelry of brightly colored hardstones and diamonds with an attention to detail that elevates it to fine jewelry.  Edges are milgrained; stones are set higher in their bezel settings so that they cannot flip when being worn.  These are jewels that make the wearer shine and sparkle- perfect for day, perfect for night.

Labradorite, diamonds, and gold necklace at Barneys New York

Boulder opal and gold ring, Barneys New York

I hadn't noticed until now that these are both phenomenal gemstones.  That's a fancy way of saying that their crystalline structure causes them to interact with light in unusual ways.  Both labradorite and opal are made of repeated, microscopic layers that reflect and refract light rays.  What the layers are made of and how they lie on top of one another determine the depth and clarity of the colors you see. 

Phenomenal gems are one of God's great giggles.  "Take a look at these," God seems to say, "Aren't these just COOL?"  But I think He likes them all, and gets kick out of us making beautiful things- our creativity is a pale reflection of His.   

Pink tourmaline and gold necklace, 32 inches, Ylang23

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