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08 December, 2011

More Verdura Dreams

I've noticed my boy Fulco's jewelry is popping up all over the place.  You can't read a fashion mag or blog without seeing someone discovering the glories of Verdura.  The December issue of InStyle has a Verdura Maltese Cross in the article, "Be Dazzled."  Very cool. 
Here are some Verdura lovelies from  Which is your favorite?
Black jade and 18 kt gold, 1990s

Peridot, diamond, and 18 kt gold, 1950s

Garnet, diamond, and 18 kt  gold cross, 1990s

This month's issue of InStyle has great jewelry, so take a look if you can.  It also has the best photo of Nicole Kidman taken lately, unfortunately without any of her amazing jewelry.  Hopefully she'll do a book some day.

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