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07 December, 2011

I Almost Did Not Run This Post

I almost did not run this artist, fearing you would leave me in Etsy-induced disgust, but I had to.  Her name is Amie Louise Plante, and her lichen earrings, necklace, and bracelet (as shown on the model at make me weak at the knees.  Going through her Etsy store (she has a forge in RI) fills me with peace.  Her nature-inspired jewels are understated and perfect in every way.  They are suitable for brides, ladies who work, ladies who lunch, hippies, artists, corporate sharks, punks, grandmothers, dressy events, picnics in the woods, and any situation where you need to glow.  Best of all, they won't kill your budget.  If you are looking for gasp-worthy, artfully made jewelry for those on your list who love quirky elegance, spend a few happy minutes wandering through Ms. Plante's shop.

Carnation Necklace- silver

Eucalyptus Petal Necklace- silver and freshwater pearl
Carved Petal Hoop Earrings, silver

Pollen Earrings- silver and 14 kt green gold

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Anonymous said...

It looks like I may have to check out this Etsy site you talk about. These are lovely pieces...