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15 October, 2011

Changing My Mind

Going with the flow, changing my mind, waffling- I prefer the phrase, "Reevaluating my options."  Aesthetics don't require loyalty; what looks good, looks good.  You like what you like, and that's all that needs to be considered in the world of art, jewelry, and fashion. 

Malodora is making me reevaluate my strong position about jewelry from precious items.  Malodora's jewels, made of polymer clay, have a lot of thought and careful construction behind each piece.  It takes a lot to move jewelry made from this medium into art but these make the transition.  

The shop on Etsy is  There are many styles of items too (skulls, puppies, abstract beads, alien flower earrings) that are worth a look. 
Micromosaic brooch- I love micromosaics, and there are not many modern jewelers making them.

Another, more conventional, micromosaic.

Braaaaaaaaaains and human hair, for when you get your zombie on.
Crab ring- Malodora can has a cute!  (I could not help myself.)

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