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24 October, 2011

Mad About The Mouse

No denying it- Disney World is amazing- it is beautiful, fun, clean, clever, and offers a bewildering plenty of options for every age and interest.  I cry every time I leave.  My only two complaints are that you cannot get a decent cup of coffee anywhere in the park except in The Polynesian Hotel and that Disney lacks fine jewelry reflecting the ingenuity and cleverness found in every other Disney tchotchke for sale in the park.  (I speak only of Disney World and DisneyLand- Hong Kong Disney HAD really cool Disney-themed jewelry, plus fun high jewelry that was not character specific but felt like it belonged there.)

A few years ago, Disney heard the complaints of its big girl fans.  Enter Disney Couture, a label that hires top designers to design limited release jewelry referencing Disney films and themes.

Perhaps you have seen Mawi's Mickey ring making its rounds through the blogosphere this fall? 

 I like her Minnie necklace for holiday dress up.

Or Tom Binn's Cheshire Cat earrings?  Many of his Alice items are delightfully disturbing- just like Alice.
But high end costume remains high end costume.  Fortunately, the Mouse never leaves a market untapped.  Chopard came to the rescue with its Happy Mickey collection, released on 9 October.  These lovelies are only sold in Chopard stores, so you'll have to get your new watch or necklace before you hit the park- call ahead because what will you wear if they are out? 

Loving those hidden Mickeys in the background...

I'm thinking that while I'm in NYC seeing Dame Elizabeth Taylor's jewels, I could pop over and pick up a few.  Only in my dreams...but that's what Disney World is all about!  "A dream is a wish your heart makes..."

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