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05 October, 2011

More Bevel

Not sure how many of you remember the earlier post about Bevel ("Murder and Revenge," 29 April 2011.)  Bevel's myth-inspired jewelry is incredible, unique, and thoughtful and makes a Mayan legend accessible and wearable.  Considering the story involves heads hanging on trees, dark demons of the underworld, huge bats, and a house of slashing blades, that's impressive.  And the good news is that there are new pieces on!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Jonathan Goldstein, for keeping the Hero Twins above ground.
The Hun Came (One Death) necklace.  Hun Came is the ruler of the underworld and death, and the Hero Twins wear his head as a trophy, to celebrate their victory over evil.  The artist says this piece is about triumph through adversity.  He's also wearing a Camazotz' Ring on his pinkie, which is not new to the collection but is cool (and very pointy.)
She's wearing the new Helper's bracelet, commemorating the ants that helped the Hero Twins with a task.  She's also wearing the Resurrection Necklace down her back (shaped like a Hero Twins' rib cage- don't worry- he got better) and Vucub-Came earrings, not new but way-cool that a set of earrings is based on the two heads of the seventh demon of the underworld.  No idea about the rings- hoping they hit a site soon!

And if you haven't gone to for the story and the GORGEOUS video, you are missing out.  And thank you Mr. Goldstein for finally putting PRICES on your site!

No thanks to NotJustALabel for making it impossible to get clear, large photos of the jewelry.  Sorry.

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