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10 October, 2011

Girandole Earrings

Girandole earrings are earrings of the past.  Once upon a time, from the 1650s to the 1800s, they were the earrings worn at courts across Europe.  Earlier girandole earrings were built along a horizontal axis, but over time they grew longer.  Their shape is a central bow with three dangling drops hanging from it.  Very few sets remain since most of them were torn apart to make other earrings or re-purposed to make pendants; wedded to the past, their components moved into the future, but the earrings did not.
These girandoles are the earrings of the future, upside-down and vertical.  And continuing turning the girandole upside down, these earrings are made of recycled materials- recycled 19th century ivory, stainless steel, recycled silver, and recycled ebony.  The earrings enable  pieces from the past to move, changed, into a not-so-distant future.


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