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28 October, 2011

Some Day...

I've been longing for a Georgian amethyst necklace.  I'll long for a long, long time.  Be that as it may, here is a lovely Victorian one that is close enough (but for those pearls) for me to sigh happily when I see it.
But this is my dream.  Foiled, enclosed, full set of Siberian amethysts.  Sold by Three Graces.  To whoever bought it: God bless you and may you wear it happily for years and years and years.  Hopefully I will find another similar set.  Some day. 


Anonymous said...

My favorite stone... :) Mona

oxinsocks said...

I did not know that! They would look good on you with your winter coloring. I am getting more fond of it yearly. Big stones with a lot of color are still available for a reasonable price.