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26 October, 2011

Color In the Desert

Helen Serras-Herman is a sculptor, gemologist, and 2003 Lapidary Hall of Fame inductee.  She makes big, bold, unique jewelry that uses precious and semi-precious stones of the finest quality and colors.  All have a tactile heft that makes your skin feel loved.  She'll have a homage to Arizona in Tucson this upcoming show, using stones native to the state, so you can imagine what will be there.  So if you are at the Tucson Gem Show in 2012, stop by and admire her lovely items.

"Ocean Fire"  14 kt gold with 129 carat ocean jasper, two fire opals, and 14 grossular garnets.  The necklace is carnelian and ocean jasper.

"Venus"  18 kt gold with 256 carat rutilated quartz
Ms. Serras-Herman knows from where her stones come, traveling and gathering what she can herself, so most come with stories too!

Her website is

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