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07 October, 2011

Facing Your Fears

Amulets, religious symbols, and lucky charms, whether they are a string of blue and white evil eye beads hung on a newborn, a St. Michael's medal worn in a war zone, or a gold clover never taken off for fear of "bad luck,"  are attempts to interfere with the supernatural, helping the wearer overcome his or her fears, 

I am horribly, horribly afraid of sharks, with a sickness-inducing fear.  This photo made me queasy the first time I saw it.  (Then I made it my screen saver.) 

Real photo, not altered.  BTW, both the researcher and the shark were ok afterwards.
So I need this pin.
While the artist says her line is about fun, I'd wear this piece in deadly seriousness.  

For those who are also intrigued with sharks, The Monterey Aquarium has another Great White Shark in their open sea tank.  A smallish  male, they caught him in August.  The Monterey Aquarium is the only aquarium that has a success rate with keeping these illusive animals alive, but they release them after a time since there is a limit to how long these pelagic sharks can live in captivity.   So if you want to watch their live web cam for a glimpse of this amazing, terrifying shark, go to their website soon.

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