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23 March, 2011

All Women Are From the Same Tribe

Women's fondness for jewels proves the Turkish proverb titling this post.  Most of the people involved in the jewelry business are women, as craftsmen, sellers, and consumers.  A cruise through the GIA course catalogue's photos supports this.  Jewelry blogs indicate that we like bling for itself and like what it does to us- wearing jewelry is a dynamic process.  We are more than consumers; we are artists, expressing ourselves with symbols, costume, and layered messages.  Simultaniously Pygmalion and Galatea, we add beauty to the world and love the result.  There is not one right answer-- there are millions of, "Yes, exactly!"  It's an almost exclusively feminine form of art- I hope you enjoy it today with your sisters worldwide who also know they look fantastic!   

My Month With the Moon, by Genevieve Yang

Moonstone earrings at


Alison Alten said...

I want these moonstone earrings - would go nicely with the emerald dangly ones I saw in the local consignment shop ("reduced" to $1700.00 just today!).

oxinsocks said...

Someone has already bought those gorgeous earrings- but there are some AMAZING ones at the same place...