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09 March, 2011

Make new friends, but keep the old! (second post)

...And the other is gold!  (How many of you weren't Girl Scouts and didn't know the song?)

Nothing ghetto about gold, true gold, synonymous with wealth and health since ancient days, glowing like the sun, a color unlike any other metal. feels like real gold!    

Better buy it now because the price is only going up! 

Both of the earring sets above can be found at  Both are longer and more dramatic than they appear.  

If you like hanging birds, these are available at  Anyone know what they symbolize? They're Victorian!  Of course they symbolize something!

 WARNING!  Today is Ash Wednesday (hopefully you've recovered from Fat Tuesday.)  For Lent, I give up wearing and buying jewelry.  At times I may become delerious, rave, or shake.  When that happens, throw cold water on me, and I'll snap back to normal.  Why do this?  Jonesing for jewelry is a simple, daily reminder of Jesus' real sacrifice for an uncaring world.  

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