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06 March, 2011

Begining with Arachne

Bling is the reason for the Academy Awards. Only. Reason. At. All.  While Nicole Kidman's reinterpreation of a one of a kind vintage piece ruled the red carpet (The White Queen and her awesome iciness- maybe she'll publish a book about her collection like Liz Taylor did), the spider pendant worn by Melissa Leo made a totally different statement.  Ms. Leo's lace overdress became a web that encased her; does Ms. Leo empathize with the spider or the fly?  A lot of people dislike fashion as costume, but when it is done as well as it was here, what's not to love?   

--BTW, the amazing spider is not by Forevermark as some photo captions imply. Her earrings and ring were by Jay Carlile for Forevermark, but that glorious spider, a mythological creature from a fairy tale, was by Katherine Wallach.  Katherine Wallach clearly knows her way around her stones!  Check out her store at:


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