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09 March, 2011

Fire and Ice

"Fire and Ice" is the name of the jewelry collection created by Autore, reenvisioning pearls in jewelry.  The theme is the titanic volcanic and glacial forces shaping the earth.

Santorini Earrings, Lava Flow pendant, and Advent of Spring earrings. I could not get ta copy of the Antarctica necklace, which looks like something for the White Witch from Narnia.  It's spiky and c-c-c-oooooollllld. Check it out on the Autore website:

These reminded me of Mike Wickstrom, a jeweler and Army chaplain friend of mine who kicked me in the butt to get my GIA degree and volunteered me as the leader for a refugee assistance program, changing my life in multiple, wonderful ways.  He's also promised to take me to the Tuscon gem show when we can get our schedules together.  Anyway, pearls bore Mike because there are only so many things that can be done with them.  Mike, what do you think?  Is this different enough?

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