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13 March, 2011


Please pray for the Japanese as they struggle to regroup and rebuild from the hurricane and tsunami.

I keep contrasting the damage in Japan with the damage in Haiti.  This was an 8.9 earthquake AND  tsunami!  What a demonstration how incredibly engineered Japan's buildings are and the value of building codes; the damage was nothing like what an 8.9 would have inflicted anywhere else.  Anyone know what can be done, other than early warning systems, to prevent or moderate tsunamis?

Many people say natural disasters are proof of an uncaring or evil God.  But people don't use the resources God freely gave them to assist and care for each other.  When bad things happen, either by evil people or predictable natural events, people are harmed by the action or inaction of other people.  Blaming God for human action or apathy abrogates responsiblity.

Some scientists speculate that the size of the earthquake changed the shape of the earth to alter the length of the day.  Wow.         

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