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10 April, 2011

Auction Alert!

What a week to watch!  Both Christie's and Sotheby's are throwing down on jewels and gems worldwide this week, and you can check out the historical and gemological treats before they scatter to new homes. 
12 April, New York City, Christie's:  Magnificent Jewels- many colored diamonds like this 10.05 carat fancy purple-pink SI clarity diamond that are expected to hit stratospheric prices.

13 April, Amsterdam, Christies: Jewels & Watches-  historical pieces from 1700s and earlier as well as more current pieces, like this 1700s gold and rock crystal reliquary, probably Spanish with English engraving on the back and what appears to be hair beneath the crystal.

14 April, New York City, Sothebys: Magnificent Jewels- important pieces from the history of fashion  and jewelry like this plat­inum, 18 Karat white gold and dia­mond ban­gle bracelet/clip brooch by Ray­mond Tem­plier, France circa 1935.

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