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08 April, 2011

Peacocks for Friday

Peacocks have inspired jewelry for a long time. 

Lalique 1902-1903

Sketch for Chanel jewel commissioned by DeBeers, 1932

Chanel, 2010 

Loree Rodkin peacock feather on Jamie Chung, March 2011

Peacock feathers remain a jewelry staple (check out Alex Monroe's Peacock and Crow collection).   The staying power of the peacock feather in jewelry strangely reflects the fact that the peacock symbolized immortality for the early Christian church. Because the peacock sheds his tail feathers for more beautiful feathers, the peacock in the modern church symbolizes Christ's resurrection.  And the eye in the feather is associated with the all-seeing eye of God.  I love beautiful things that symbolize greater, more beautiful things; these can help us reach Christian truth often more quickly than debate or lecture.  Beautiful peacocks...

DISCLAIMER:  There is one type of peacock feather jewelry that has never been and never will be a jewelry staple- the humongous genuine feather earrings that hang beneath your shoulders are so out of style that if you can carry them off, you should.  The rest of us, knowing our limits, will stand in awed silence.

The feather earrings would go very well with a necklace made of amethyst, peacock feathers, and swallow feathers which supposedly protects the wearer from witches and sorcerers.  Anyone out there have one of these that you would like to share?  I'll post its picture AND send you a peacock shoulder duster earring!  

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