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15 April, 2011

Lilies for Friday

Too many legends and symbols surround the lily to cover them all in one post about jewels.  Of interest during Lent is the lily as a symbol of purity, rebirth, and eternal life.  It is  associated with the Resurrection because its bulb is buried in the ground like a human corpse, and yet from this apparent death a beautiful flower arises.
Asian lilies, one of which is the white Easter lily, are my favorites, but jewelers favor calla lilies for their sculptural attributes.   Art nouveau featured lilies of the valley, water lilies, Asian lilies, and calla lilies- a garden of lilies for every taste, too many to cover all of them in one post about jewels.
So bless you this day, and enjoy your favorite lilies, whether they are Easter lilies, calla lilies, diamond or gold or silver lilies.  

Rebecca Kovin lily ring, 1st Dibs

Danish art nouveau, silver brooch
Tom Herman, gold, opal, and pearl brooch

Asprey calla lily double diamond ring

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