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25 April, 2011

"Sport jewelry" is not an oxymoron.

At this year’s George Washington Parkway Classic, an annual ten mile race in Alexandria VA, necklaces were thin chains, usually silver, leather, rubber/Gortex, or hemp.  Earrings were studs or small hoops- no one with titanium earlobes wore something long and dangly this race.  A lot of racers wore bracelets.  Many people wore LIVESTRONG bracelets or something similar (one of the few places I’ve seen them in any number recently).   Friendship bracelets were stacked with colored strings and bangles or chains.  Racers kept it small:

When I’m running I don’t wear jewelry except my wedding ring, but long races require earrings or a bracelet to remind myself that I’m a girl (my wedding ring moves to a string around my neck with a red, plastic cross).  However, earrings are ok for sailing or canoeing.  Good jewelry should not be bashed about or exposed to chlorine, and fingers swell or shrink, making rings potentially painful or lost; genuinely attractive sport-friendly jewelry is not common.  
Terry Kinney, the silversmith/jeweler behind Glacier Lily (, makes jewelry that is great for those who would rather be outdoors.  Many of her designs are appropriate for men or women, and a majority of them are suitable for trail running, paddling, climbing, hiking, or her sports of choice, windsurfing and snowboarding.  Her leather pieces will only get better with time and various adventures.  But wear her earrings afterwards when you are celebrating your accomplishments with drinks around the fireplace- unless you have titanium earlobes.


Anonymous said...

I have never thought of sparkling up my workout attire while running. I would definitely rule out rings and bracelets, possibly necklaces, but earrings could work....hmmmm.... Mona

arcaneox said...

When you run Marathon, you should definitely wear something- like a tiara!