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29 April, 2011

Murder and Revenge!

This is the coolest jewelry website EVER!
It has unusual, symbolic jewelry with explanations, a gripping story, and an artistic video of lithe, lovely people wearing the jewels so you can imagine you'd look half as good if you wore Bevel's bling.  
Bevel Jewelry's collection is based on the Mayan legend of The Hero Twins.  When I heard about jewelry based on Mayan myths, my reaction was "EWWWWW," and, as expected, the myth is pretty gory.  There is plenty of human sacrifice and horror- those who want a necklace that looks like a human rib cage, here you go- but most of the jewelry is wearable.  It is definitely edgy in an unpredictable, nonVoldemort way.  And, most unexpectedly, the myth has a happy ending! 

God bless you Bevel for explaining how each piece fits into the story.  Now, Dear Reader, go to the website and watch the movie, read the story, check out the jewels, and be delighted when the Hero Twins overthrow the Xibalbian demon gods!
Xibalba, skeletal necklace

Razor House bracelets

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