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27 April, 2011


Element's ( Prasiolite and rhodolite necklace

Green quartz does not make me angry like blue quartz does- but the use of the improper term “Green Amethyst” makes the vein in my temple pulse.  Retailers use it because “amethyst” has a cache that enables them to squeeze more money from their customers.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), GIA, AGTA, and most other gemological labs and organizations have stated “Green Amethyst” is NOT an acceptable term for Prasiolite, Green Quartz, Greened Quartz, Mint Quartz, or Lime Quartz, because as a term “green amethyst” is deceptive.  Amethyst is by definition purple- if quartz is not purple, it is NOT amethyst.    

Prasiolite results from heating certain amethysts that contain a specific type of iron compound which changes to a green color when heated.   Some Prasiolite occurs naturally but the quantity sold in jewelry is the result of man’s interference. There is nothing wrong with Prasiolite, but jewelers should tell customers that Greened Quartz is artificially green.   

And the sad truth of the gemstone trade is that someone is undoubtedly making synthetic green quartz and selling it as real...and we won’t know which pieces are which.   

Ippolita's Prasiolite with diamonds lollipop necklace

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