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20 April, 2011

Making Jewelry

Ms. Tina Tang, a jewelry designer and purveyor, often shows how she makes her jewels on her blog.  If you are interested in the process of making jewelry, check it out at  She has a trunk show in Washington DC at Dupont Circle where you can see (purchase) the necklace made below and more on 30 April 2011.   More info and the address to RSVP is on her site.

She recently launched Gotham Girl, a line of jewelry dedicated to the experience of being a woman in NYC.   These photos show how she made her best friends necklace.

She traced her template in blue wax.  See the other sketches in her idea book?
She cut the form out of the wax.
She smoothed and finished the wax.  She said this was the hardest step.
It resulted in a finished wax shape, ready for use in a mold.
The wax shape created the mold, used to create a rough casting that is ready for finishing. 

The finishing process is by hand as well.
Best friend necklaces, for friends who are alike but different. 

Thank you, Ms. Tang, for the use of your blog's photos and for the fun look at life in the City and the jewelry making process.    

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JewelryWhore said...

What a fabulous post!! I love seeing the process that artists use to make their designs - so cool!! :)