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12 April, 2011

Win some, lose some...

I almost called this post, "Why I am not a fashion blogger." 

Within a day of last Friday's snarky comment about long feather earrings, three different jewelry fashion blogs showed that long feather earrings are a "thing" now.  Supposedly it's because Steven Tyler has been wearing them on American Idol (I have got to watch more television), but it could be because Queen Michelle has been wearing them for a while and makes them look good.  Oh well, that's one I did not anticipate. My offer for a free pair of peacock earrings if you send in a photo of a peacock, sparrow, and amethyst necklace still stands.

Steven Tyler, still sexier than a man wearing a lot of makeup and a feather earring has a right to be
BUT!  More crazy critters are popping up in jewels high and low, so now is your chance to wear your totem and be fashionable simultaneously.  Animal jewelry is back in, which is good because I just got a huge alligator ring that runs down my finger and across my hand.  I was getting a jump start on my crazed old lady look; I had no idea I was on the edge of a trend!

These great rings come from, a great store with something for every taste and budget.  

Vermeil with topaz- almost as large as mine

Phillipe Cramer bulldog ring: agate, onyx, diamonds, and gold

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