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01 April, 2011

Eggs for Friday

No one I ever talked to understood what Easter Eggs had to do with Easter.  But now I know and so will you!  Check this out- eggs are a Christian symbol of the resurrection; just as a chick breaks free from the shell, so Jesus broke free from death and the tomb (and made it possible for us as well).  Isn’t that a pretty image- breaking out of a confining space into light and air and freedom?   Smashing the useless shell?  What seemed like an end is actually the very beginning?  The poetry in the symbol is better than a thousand sermons!
 Stephanie Simak’s egg necklace is perfectly pretty too- a tiny quail egg, dipped in resin, its insides shinning with real gold.  Maybe the Easter Bunny will leave one in your basket…

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Tina Tang said...

That is such a cute necklace!